The Celtic Community of Alaska

The mission of the Celtic community of Alaska (CCA) is to celebrate our shared heritage and disseminate the latest information and happenings in the Celtic community of south central Alaska.

The Celtic Community of Alaska is a lively group consisting of members of the various Irish and Scottish clubs in Anchorage, as well representatives of Wales and Brittany and other Celtic nations.

Traditionally, the following nations are defined as Celtic, on the basis of the fact their populations speak Celtic languages: Ireland, Scotland, the Isle of Man, Wales, Cornwall and Brittany. Galicia and Asturias in Spain have also been included, although they no longer speak a Celtic language, but have retained some Celtic traditions.

The CCA was registered in 2004 in Alaska as a non-profit organization, but has been in existence since 1998. Its goal is to support Celtic culture and traditions, transmit them to the young ones and enjoy them to the fullest in this generation. The Celtic Community of Anchorage hosts a variety of events along the year, revolving primarily around the ancient Celtic calendar and the solstices.

Membership in the CCA requires interest and knowledge of Celtic cultures and traditions, and active participation in the preparation and running of the events. It is contingent upon approval of the CCA Board of Directors.