Celtic Spring Festival
2018 Classes and Costs
Music (M)

Beginning Bodhran.
Learn how to hold the bodhran and tipper and how to play the first basic strokes and accompany a tune. You will learn the basic accompaniment patterns for reels and jigs and how to make these patterns more interesting using rests, accents, and triplets. If you have a bodhran please bring it. Limited spare bodhran available.
Hunter Woofter 12 – 1 $10

Wool Waulking Songs
Learn some Wool Waulking Songs in Scottish Gaelic and have a discussion about this tradition of shrinking woven wool. Worksheets and links will be provided. No urine will be used if we waulk wool!
Dawn Berg 12 – 1 $5

Introducing the Harp.
Learn about the history of the harp, in particular Celtic harps, and then get acquainted with a harp and learn to play a simple tune during a short group lesson. Handouts at the end with information on teachers, and how to find harps and music. Class limited to 10; harps provided.
Linda Yarborough 1:30 – 2:30 $10

Irish Fiddle.
Learn a reel and a jig and how to accompany other instruments.
Kyle Lindsey 3 – 4 $10

Beginning Clog Dance.
Come dance with the Midnight Sun Cloggers! This is a very easy clog dance class, even for non-dancers, don’t be intimidated…go for it! You will learn basic clog dance steps, then a fun clog dance routine. We normally wear tap shoes, but any flat-heel leather-soled footwear that won’t kick off will be perfect for this class; rubber-soled athletic shoes are okay if they are well-worn and slide easily; no cowboy boots, no wood clogs…if you have dance shoes or tap shoes, bring ‘em!
Dixine Schiavi and the Midnight Sun Cloggers 3 – 4 $10.

Lecture Series (L)

Book of Kells: Mystery and History.
Using a full size replica of the Book of Kells (and close-ups projected on screen) the lecture will explore the story of the Book, its world-famous enluminures and the myriad of doodles adorning its pages. What do they mean? Where did the authors find their inspiration? What can we learn from it about the tumultuous times when the Vikings started invading Celtic lands? Class pairs with Learning to draw the fantastic bestiary of the Book of Kells at 1:30.
Natalie Novik 10:30 – 11:30 $10

Grow Some Green!
Learn a bit about the Alaska Botanical Garden and how to successfully start your own seeds. There will be music!
Patrick Ryan 10:30 – 11:30 $10

Celtic Feng Shui.
Create and maintain a harmonious home with tips from Celtic folklore and traditions.
Amberlee Wright 12 – 1 $10

How to Consult with your Trees (and land, rocks, nature spirits).
You want to work with the spirits of nature.  But how?  You know they are close by.   Ah, no need to scratch your head and wonder if they are giving you a sign.  Based on techniques developed at the Findhorn Gardens in Scotland, you’ll learn how to dowse, talk and laugh directly with Devas and Nature Spirits.  You’ll come away with the tools to deeply converse with these Allies on your own.
Ellen Vande Visse. 1:30 – 2:30 $17

Scotch Whisky – History and Production.
This class will provide a description of Scottish Whisky; the history, types, stages of malt whisky production, tasting tips and some notable distilleries. No scotch whisky will be served.
Matt Cacy 3 – 4 $10

Irish-Alaska Project.
Learn about the Irish and Irish-Americans who came to the Last Frontier from 1867-1917. This is a historical conservation and preservation project. If you have family history, please bring it with you.
Sean McGrane 3 – 4 $10

Make & Take (M&T)

From Our Irish-Alaskan Kitchen.
With traditional music in the background, we’ll use classic Irish recipes and as many local ingredients as possible to prepare and consume three courses – soup, entrée, and dessert.  While we cook, we’ll share stories from our travels to Ireland and tidbits of Irish culinary history.  Tea and water will be provided. 
Kate O’Dell 10 – 11:30 $20

Building Fairy Lanterns.
Construct your own lovely little “lantern” with fairies dancing inside. Maximum 12 students.
Lisa Caress-Beu $20 10 – 11:30 $20

Ogham Writing
Learn about this ancient celtic alphabet and how it still exists today. This is a fun and easy class to learn about history and to walk away with a nice piece of personal artwork. Use provided materials to produce your own examples.
Kevin Hall 2:30 – 3:30 $15

Fairy and Hobbit Houses.
Learn about fairy and hobbit houses and how to build them for either indoor or outdoor habitats. This is a make-and-take class, so you will have one to take home. We’ll have supplies, but bring natural and quirky materials that you might like to incorporate. Ages 6-12 welcome with a parent; no smaller tag-a-long siblings, please. Limited to 12 students.
Marie Stoner 1:30 – 3 $15

Learning to draw the fantastic bestiary of the Book of Kells.
Learn free-hand drawing of the amazing animals featured on the pages of the Book of Kells (cats, birds, dragons, lions, etc), using the correct proportions and sinuosity, and how to incorporate them into knotwork. Pencils and sketching pads will be provided (alternatively, you can use free hand drawing apps on your tablet, like Paper). No previous knowledge of drawing is required. The course will also show you how the monks used color to create “enluminures”, so you can bring you own color pencils if you wish. For adults and children over 15. This course will follow the “Book of Kells: history and mystery” lecture.
Natalie Novik 1:30 – 2:30 $15

Two Simple Bookbinding Techniques.
Brief explanation of the structure of a book (codex) in between working on two simple book forms. One is an accordion-style, suitable for doing an ogham writing. The other is a small and basic pamphlet bound booklet. Templates and directions will be part of the handouts so you can make more books on your own. Students may bring stamps, papers or similar decorative materials to use in the project.
Anne Freitag 3:30 – 4:30 $15

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